Enjoy Playing Away From Home . . .

Sunday 31 January 2016

I need to return to Chicago!

Excepting quality beers from Goose Island and Sierra Nevada, I hadn't tried an American ale for quite a while, neither had I mentioned 'brewsters', as in, women brewers, rather than the brewery with a woman head brewer called Brewsters! Anyhow, I spotted this delightful IPA in Morrisons, and was very glad I bought it! 

Lagunitas IPA (6.2% - website), and here are my brief notes, written immediately: This is a hop monster, incredibly strong fruity citrus aroma and flavour, with a lovely dry bitter finish. Loved it! Then I've read elsewhere and learnt that it does use hops++ (DER!) and quite a lot of comment about the malt in the flavour, but, believe me, it is very subtle, hops dominate.   

Lagunitas appear to be based in California, and in Chicago... Well, the only place I've visited in the USA is Chicago, so let's go with that end of the business, particularly as their head brewer there is a brewster! The beer is very good, the company appear to be owned by Heineken, though Goose Island of Chicago isn't independent anymore either, and Mary Bauer's love of ale and science is infectious (see video). 

Keep on brewing Mary, I look forward to sampling more, cheers!