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Sunday 9 October 2016

A Great Bitter by the Beach!

My brother and I had a nice wee 7 mile walk to Cooden Beach, East Sussex, yesterday, and enjoyed this East Sussex brewed 3.8% Session IPA very much indeed! The brewers, Long Man (website), say this session ale is brewed using "the famous triple C hops", which I believe means, Chinook, Cascade and Columbus, 3 hops from the USA that usually mean plenty of citrus flavours and bitterness, particularly as this ale is 'dry hopped' too! And they're not far wrong, excellent, thirst quenching, with a hint of citrus (Dan, the Routemeister, suggested "quince", though I'm sure he was jesting, I caught more grapefruit and orange flavours), very bitter with a dry aftertaste, pretty damn good indeed, cheers Long Man!

And cheers to the skills of the cellar manager at the Cooden Tavern, part of the 1931 built Cooden Beach Hotel, built for the same gentleman, Earl De La Warr, who sponsored the construction of the rather splendid De la Warr Pavilion in nearby Bexhill, whilst he was mayor of Bexhill in 1935 (website). 

We supped up, then walked the 7 miles back home along the seafront, cheers!